Marilyn Monroe the Star

"She was one of the most unappreciated people in the world."

  Marilyn Monroe was one of the most photographed women of her time and one of the most photogetic women of all time. She eluded a sex appeal that no other star, or no other human being, has ever been able to configure or duplicate. She has left us with thousands of photo's of her that are among the most cherished in the world. This is just a small selection of photographs that I consider among my favorites.


Harold Lloyd, 1952

Korea, 1954

George Barris, 1962

February 26, 1959 after she received the Crystal Star Award at the French Ambassy

Bert Stern, 1962


'Niagara', 1953

George Barris

Tom Kelley, 1949

Milton Greene

'Something's Got to Give', 1962

MM as Clara Bow By: Richard Avedon, 1958


With Joe Dimaggio, February 1962

Marilyn's Personal Favorite By: Cecil Beaton