Marilyn Monroe the Star

"She was one of the most unappreciated people in the world."

Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe are two of the most iconic women of the 20th century. This section of Marilyn Monroe the Star is dedicated to these two fine ladies that will live on in the hearts of fans both young and old.


  Lucy          Marilyn

A colorized photo of Lucille Ball as a young model without her trademark red hair.

Below is a series of pictures from the episode "Ricky's Movie Offer" #103 which features Lucy as Marilyn Monroe.


The red velvet dress Lucy wore in this episode was created by Elois Jenssen and was fashioned to look like the strapless designs Marilyn wore in musicals such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Above Lucy is pictured with Marilyn and Rosalyn Borden who appeared in the episode "Tennessee Bound" as Teensy and Weensy.

An interesting bit of info is that Elois Jenssen also designed clothes for Marilyn Monroe, so of course she was a perfect choice to design a Marilyn inspired gown for Lucy.


The above photo's were taken at Walter Winchell's Birthday party on May 13, 1953. The photo's feature a group of well known celebrities that includes Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, and Jane Russell.

Front of Card

Back of Card

Above is an "I Love Lucy" trading card that features Lucy as Marilyn, Marilyn is even mentioned on the back.

Marilyn was even mentioned in a few episodes of "I Love Lucy":

Episode #103: "Ricky's Movie Offer" which first aired on November 8, 1954 - When Lucy finds out that Ricky (Desi Arnaz) might star in a big Hollywood picture with a "Marilyn Monroe-type" she goes out of her way to impersonate Marilyn to increase her chances of getting the role.

Episode #104: "Ricky's Screen Test" which first aired on November 15, 1954 - As Ricky reads off a list of leading ladies that are possible co-stars for his new film about the life of Don Juan, Marilyn Monroe is one of them.

Episode #118: "The Hedda Hopper Story" which first aired on March 14, 1955 - Ricky is frustrated that columnist Hedda Hopper hasn't done a story about him so he goes on to complain that every story is about Marilyn Monroe, he continues to say "What has Marilyn Monroe got that I don't?"

Episode #124: "Lucy and Harpo Marx" which first aired on May 9, 1955 - Lucy invites her friend Caroline Appleby, who without her glasses can't see a thing, to L.A. While thinking of celebrities she can impersonate whithout Caroline catching on, she steps back and squints her eyes seeing if her sidekick Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance) could pass for Marilyn Monroe. She tells her to pull her hair over one eye and to walk like Marilyn and proceeds to say that "Nobody's that nearsighted."

Episode #128 "Lucy Visits Graumans" which first aired on September 9, 1955 - To congratulate Ricky for his Hollywood movie they throw a little party for him at their apartment in L.A. Lucy had a cake made up that read "To my darling, another Marlon" referring to actor Marlon Brando, Fred appears to be clueless to who that is and when asked what other Marlon he knows of he says "Marlon Monroe."

Episode #166: "Lucy and Superman" which first aired on January 14, 1957 - In one of the opening scenes of the episode you can hear Caroline Appleby saying, "Then he picks Marilyn Monroe up, slings her over his shoulder and carries her off." She was describing a scene in the movie "Bus Stop" (1956) starring Marilyn Monroe and Don Murray, I can infer this because of the date the show was first aired and the date the movie was realeased.

Episode #172: "Lucy Does the Tango" which first aired on March 11, 1957 - Ricky and Fred (William Frawley) are getting into the egg selling business and the chickens they bought aren't doing a very good job laying eggs to sell, Ricky plans on just selling the chickens and getting out of the egg selling business but Little Ricky (Keith Thibodeaux) won't let him. To trick Ricky into thinking the chickens are laying eggs Lucy and Ethel hide 6 dozen eggs in their clothing to sneak into the chicken coop and put them with the chickens so Ricky will think they are laying eggs and won't sell them. When Lucy and Ethel are preparing to go out to the coop Lucy says to Ethel, who's back pockets are filled with eggs, "Well whatever you do, don't try to walk like Marilyn Monroe!"