Marilyn Monroe the Star

"She was one of the most unappreciated people in the world."

Marilyn's Marriages

Marilyn (then Norma Jeane) and James Dougherty

Married: June 19, 1942

Divorced: September 1946

Norma Jeane first met Jim in 1941 as a result of her foster mother and his mother being good friends. Her foster mother Grace thought it would be perfect for Norma Jeane to marry him because it would end her having to go back to the orphanage as she would be a married woman, also so that she could be a stay at home wife and possibly have some children of her own. Shorty after first meeting each other they began to date in December 1941, and by May of 1942 they were engaged. Soon after they were married, Norma Jeane was merely 16 years old and Jim was 21. Jim was drafted into the war and Norma Jeane had to get a job in a factory attaching propellers to aircrafts to support herself while he was away, this is when a photographer by the name of David Conover happened to take the first modeling photo of a young Norma Jeane for the magazine Yank to illustrate "pretty girl's doing their part to help the war effort." Jim didn't approve of her wanting to become an actress and a model and that was a contributing factor as to why their marriage ended.

Marilyn and Joe Dimaggio

Married: January 14, 1954

Divorced: October 27, 1954

When Joe first saw Marilyn in a photo with Chicago White Sox players Joe Dobson and Gus Zernial he instantly wanted to meet her. They had their first date in March of 1952 at the Villa Nova Italian Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard and instantly hit it off, she was 25 years old and he was 37. They started seeing each other and were soon destined to be married. They were married in a quick ceremony at San Francisco City Hall in October of 1954.

A contributing factor as to why their marriage ended was because Joe didn't appreciate the way Marilyn was being portrayed in "The Seven Year Itch," the skirt blowing scene. He was watching from the sidelines with many of Marilyn's eager fans to catch a glimpse of her with her skirt blown above her waist and actually left because he was so disgusted and embarrassed by the way his wife was being exposed to the public. Joe didn't like her being a "Sex-Symbol" and he didn't like the way Hollywood treated her and he felt they used her to their advantage. Their marriage lasted only 9 months but their friendship lasted until the day that Marilyn died. Joe would never remarry because he loved and cared for her so much, he ordered roses to be placed on her crypt twice a week forever after she died, a promise that he made to Marilyn when they were still married. It's rumored that in 1962 Marilyn and Joe were planning to remarry but she passed away before they ever got the chance.


Marilyn and Arthur Miller

"If I were nothing but a dumb blonde, he wouldn't have married me." - MM

Married: June 29, 1956 and July 1, 1956

Divorced: January 24, 1961

Marilyn first met Arthur when he was introduced to her by Elia Kazan in early 1951 on the set of "As Young As You Feel." When they met, Marilyn was still a struggling young actress and Arthur was still married to his college sweetheart Mary Grace Slattery. The first of the two private ceremonies, June 29th, was a brief secret civil ceremony in White Plains, New York. The second ceremony on July 1st was a private Jewish Wedding at the home of Arthur's agent Kay Brown, by her own choice Marilyn converted her religion to Judaism so she could relate better to Arthur and her friends.




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