Marilyn Monroe the Star

"She was one of the most unappreciated people in the world."

Photographer Milton Greene first encountered Marilyn in september 1953 while on assignment for 'Look' magazine, Soon after that they became friends and formed a production company, 'Marilyn Monroe Productions' in 1955. It produced both 'Bus Stop and 'The Prince and the Showgirl'. Before Marilyn and Arthur Miller tied the knot, Marilyn lived with Milton and his family in the Greenes' farmhouse in Weston, Connecticut. During Marilyn's stay with the Greenes', Milton photographed Marilyn in more than 50 sessions creating more than five thousand images of her. On this page you'll find a collection of photographs of both Marilyn and Milton together.

"One of the things that makes him such an artist is his sensitivity, his sense of introspection. It was the first time I didn't have to pose. He gave me time to think, but his camera was constantly working away."
-Marilyn on Milton

"I met Milton two days before he got married. When I heard about it, I was very sad… But only for about five minutes!"
-Marilyn on Milton

Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962 and in 1985 Milton died just 3 days later on August 8th.

"Johnny Hyde was wonderful, but he was not my Svengali. Milton Greene was not my Svengali, I'm nobody's slave and never have been ... Now they write that Lee Strasberg is my Svengali . . . and Arthur Miller isn't my Svengali."
- Marilyn Monroe

"It seems Marilyn doesn't want to go ahead with the program we planned. I'm getting lawyers to represent me. I don't want to do anything now to hurt her career, but I did devote about a year and a half exclusively to her. I practically gave up photography. You can't just make a contract with someone and then forget it."

- Milton on Marilyn's dismissal of him

"Why, you’re just a boy!"

-Upon meeting him for the first time

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